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Short Bio

How short do you want it to be?

Well, born in 1980, in Maten, Lebanon, I grew up in the small town of Khenchara, watching dinosaurs eat at the trees, and wondering what to do with all the broken radios I accumulated in the wooden box under the sofa.

I started majoring in Architecture for a while - three years actually - only to find out that it was never my intention to go into architecture. It only took me three years to realize that I control my own life, and I can do whatever I wanted.

I soon after switched to Computer Science. The original plan was to go for a PhD, but after a total of 7 years of studies I decided to just give it a rest and concentrate on other things.

I have experience in web development, perl programming, multimedia presentations, computer and programming concepts, graphic arts, computer generated imagery, and the list goes on...

Of the hobbies, music (guitar, keyboard, and computer trackers) and arts (drawing, painting, and CG) win most of my time.


You can find me also at: LinkedIn, twitter, flickr, facebook, PerlMonks, CPAN, E, iSpicePhotos.

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